So easy to be disappointed

Some days the blues affect us. They got us. You can’t help being disappointed.  But that feeling will pass. Humans will ultimately show goodness. Show heart. Then you will realize that it is for you to decide how to act, given their behavior.

People will always do things to disappoint you. There is no such thing as a care free life. There’s no such thing as a life without pain. “Life is pain highness!” Dull it, you may say. But conscious or not, if a knife cuts you,  it will hurt you, and there will be a wound and if you’re lucky, a scar.

Ours I not to figure out why knife wounds were invented in the first place. At least that’s not the question we really want answered.  The question we want answered is “Why was I stabbed?!” That’s a personal question. Between God and man. “Why?” It’s not one to be answered lightly, and it won’t ever be answered the same way for each person. Possibly not answered at all in this life.

The question should be, “What do we do now?” Finding out the cause isn’t going to help heal the wound. Finding the next step. Finding the way forward with such a wound. That is our task. 

Life is a tapestry. We’ll never know what it looks like as we experience time now. But when we see it all finished, we shall marvel. Those of us who wish to dwell on why knife wounds happen, might just miss how to move past them. How to heal. Then the wounds never heal, and they won’t end up with scars. For better or worse,  scars are part of our tapestry. So move forward.

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